Degree Show Prepping

We have 4 making weeks left before degree show, even typing that makes me feel sick! So the other day we had a little photo shoot to try and get some images of our work. Here’s me pretending to be a photographer (we did actually have a real one but it was fun to pretend!)…




Drawing for funzies

I have began my second semester of 4th year and at just a week and 3 days in it’s already mental! So much to do and so little time.

As a way of keeping the fun and avoid an art breakdown I have decide to draw for fun in the evenings. I’ve also been asked to draw a 1920s skyline of New York so we will see how that goes but for now I think I’m going to post up the random stuff I do in the evenings. Let me know what you think :)

illustrated building. beth lamont

Most of these images will come from my instagram, bethlamontuk :D

Delight Night!

A little while ago Vanilla Ink and Nikki McWilliams hosted a lovely evening of jewellery, biscuits (of the cushiony kind) and mulled cider, of the cider kind ;)
They are both based in studios at Wasps in Dundee and had their collaborative night to kick off the open studios weekend. The whole weekend was a brilliant insight into what is possible after we leave the safety of university and are kicked out into the big bad scary world! It was especially interesting to see the Vanilla Ink set up as it really is the perfect stepping stone for a new jeweller starting out.
A highlight of any night has to be the raffle and clearly I was lucky that night as I managed to win a £10 Nikki McWilliams voucher :D Fair to say that didn’t last long and was used the very next day on one of her famous Tea Cake Cushions which is now sitting pretty in my room.
I love events like this- It’s great to see the success of graduates and get the chance to have a chat and find out what everyone is up to!

Here are my snaps from the night!..


Exhibition time!

So you might remember a while ago I entered the KCA Alumni Award and my work made it through to the finals and was sent away to China to be assessed. Although I didn’t win I am ridiculously excited to say that I have been selected to be part of the Award’s exhibition! I had a great time last week taking photos of my work and have been busy getting prepared for the exhibition. It’s the first proper exhibition I’ve been in, there is a stunning poster and everything :D (definitely being framed)!  Here’s a few pictures for the run up to the exhibition, please come along if you can make it. It opens tomorrow night (Tuesday the 23rd of October) and runs until the 5th of November.

what a lot of equipment for such tiny little objects


The result of the set up :)